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Is Cloud Computing The Future?

Be it business or personally related, social media represents a huge part of our lives today, not to mention a huge time drain. Some great advice on the basic points of social media and how it can benefit your business comes from Matthew Trewhella, social media expert for Google. He explains why it’s so important, […]

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Cloud Computing: The Good And The Bad

Apparently 39% of the 88% of IT decision makers surveyed don’t use cloud technologies due to a lack of knowledge, according to a study commissioned by PEER 1 Network Enterprises. Cloud computing has about as many opponents as it does fans (in addition to those who remain unsure of their ultimate opinion). But what are […]

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All about Cloud Computing

All about Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a term that has been finding its way into information technology related news on a regular basis for the past few years. New initiatives, new applications and new technological developments have kept this technology at the forefront of IT and led to exciting new changes in the way […]

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