Is Cloud Computing The Future?

Be it business or personally related, social media represents a huge part of our lives today, not to mention a huge time drain. Some great advice on the basic points of social media and how it can benefit your business comes from Matthew Trewhella, social media expert for Google. He explains why it’s so important, and the link between cloud computing and business continuity. Cloud computing can be said to cover a few different things. Depending on whether you’re a business or consumer you’ll think of it slightly differently. The cloud is basically using the Internet for computing. Amazon, Google, IBM and lots of other larger companies employ their own cloud networks, mainly used for IT collaboration. The big advantage with it is that you can scale your operation to any size, as you’re not hiring of buying physical hardware.. If your workload goes up, you can easily upscale the operation. Likewise, if it goes down again, you can resell the storage or processing power back to the cloud provider, meaning you won’t have any idle machines. It also means none of the data is kept on your computer, thereby automatically keeping a backup of your data on servers that are far more secure and reliable that your computer. The best part of this is that if your computer breaks, your data, applications etc are stored on large company servers, in a secure databank. This means all you need to do is get a new computer, get on the net and your back.. Google Docs is a good example. It allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, reports etc in an online environment. If you have an accident and your computer is totally wiped out, it alright. Your documents are stored on Google’s servers, somewhere around the world, and will be there as it was when you next get online and sign in. It also has other benefits, collaboration wise. You can share documents and invite collaboration from others, so it has real advantages to your company around IT collaboration. Once real time editing is done, and your document is finished, you can easily publish it as a web page or share it via the network to other users.

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