Mobile From The Beginning

Developing an effective mobile strategy is both science and art.  You will find as you work through the process with an expert that you will have questions that do not have an answer.  That is both expected and ok.

The issue with an effective mobile strategy comes down to one question that ultimately will provide a measure for you.  The question is: “Who are you intending to reach?”

The tighter your answer, the tighter and more effective your mobile strategy.  The mistake that most people make is thinking that mobile is some silver bullet.  It is not!  If you do not know your market, you will fail with mobile apps just as quickly and easily as you do now.

Do yourself a favor, know your customer and then start thinking about integrating a mobile strategy.

We would love to help you in working through this process.  We have been doing for others for a long time.  Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will get you started.

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