Why Work With Us?

The Top Seven Great Reasons Why Spokane Area Companies Trust Us To Partner With Them To PROACTIVELY Manage Their Computer Network


  1. We GUARANTEE that we will begin working on your network emergency within 1 hour. Because your computers are the lifeblood of your busy day, we will make sure your employees are not waiting to do their work.
  2. We GUARANTEE that we will provide you with a cost-effective solution. Our expertise is in analyzing your current processes and what your want to accomplish and then giving you a solution to match your goals.
  3. We 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be satisfied with all work that we do for you or it is FREE. Because we work with you to understand what you want to accomplish, we can avoid common mistakes that other technicians can run into from diving in before they understand what you really need.
  4. Our approach of applying well thought out processes gives you peace of mind. Because we know that any recommendations we provide will be aligned with what you want to accomplish we are on the same page.
  5. We work as your partner not as a vendor. Which means we make every attempt to work around your schedule.
  6. We are far less expensive than hiring your own staff to manage your network. Outsourcing your network management to us can save you significant overhead.
  7. We provide a flat rate price for any project work. You will not get an estimate for one price and then have addition after addition because of “unforeseen circumstances” that can double or even triple the initial price.